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Hi again, this is me


Adnan Beqiraj

In summer, I work at Trek Balkan as a guide, whereas in winter, apart from skiing, I make webstites on WordPress.

My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user friendly but at the same time attractive.

My name is Adnan, I’m a freelance Trekking Guide and Photographer based in Kosovo. I currently work at TREK BALKAN. I have been working as a guide for more than 8 years and mostly in Kosovo and Albania. Besides that, I have an experience in Digital Marketing as a SEO Expert, Building websites on WordPress, Domain & Hosting connoisseur - and nowadays, an amateur photographer. ​

I work as a local guide in Kosovo, Albania, and a little in Montenegro. Working as a guide for all these years, has given me the opportunity to know many people from all around the world, and with most of them I am already friends and they have invited us to visit them, and so we'll do; we will try to travel as much as we can.

I make quite a lot of websites when having free time. I am specialized in WordPress mostly, creating websites, getting domains and hosting, emails etc. All websites I create are based on templates - I am not Full-Stack Web Developer, but a little from that. I recommend to friends and others to not lose a lot of time and money, just build a website from a template especially if you are a start-up. Then, when you have a lot of money, create all from scratch.

The websites I create, I also optimize them as much as possible to show on Google and get organic clicks. Showing the website on the first page is the most important thing for your business.

adnan beqiraj no borders

I created NO Borders to show all my personal photos taken while travelling everywhere I can. My goal is to travel all over the world, of course, always with my wife. I want to bring you closer to the places where we have been, and make you feel like you were there.



Born and grown up in a village of Kamenica



Bachelor and Master degree of Business Administration



Started working as a mountain guide



With my wife, started Trek Balkan LLC