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Hello, I’m Adnan.

I’m a local mountain guide and amateur photographer based in Kosovo.


Painting bride, a centuries-old wedding customs in Lubinje, a southern Kosovar Village.

Neila from Montenegro

Neila, from Treskavica Katun, Montenegro

Baca Sevdai, An old Man in a village of Kosovo

Baca Sevdai, celebrating Eid Fitr

Doberdol village in North Albania

The alpine village of Doberdol, Northern Albania

Cerem to Doberdol trail: Horses eating grass

Balçina village, a hidden & remote village in Northern Albania

Flia, also known as fli or flija, is a dish in Albanian cuisine

Flia, a tadtitional Albanian dish

Anapurna Base Camp, Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

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Valbona Valley National Park